What we do?


What is IT-IAR?

IT-IAR is nothing but Information Technology Infrastructure Analysis Report. Generating a report based on the collection of data from the location where the computers, networks, and Information Technology (IT) systems are utilized/handled/managed

Why IT-IAR or For what reason IT-IAR needed?

IT-IAR helps to assess the IT status of all kinds of offices/classes/places in any industry (education, medical, government sectors, judiciary system, hospitality managements, etc.,) where computers and networks are used. By evaluating the latest condition of IT infrastructure will help them to find the defective or damaged devices, slow or under-performing equipment, replaceable or removable old items, and to make a decision about installing new Hardware, Software, network stuff

What is the use of IT-IAR or How IT-IAR is going to help?

We are generating IT-IAR, in order to achieve the new installation, set up of H/W, S/W, and N/W, to do the replacements for faulty or defective devices, and find the solution for any IT-related issues

Based on the report, we will segregate the things into faulty devices, replaceable items, and new equipment

Rectifying all IT-related issues will help them to save cost and money in all aspects that reflect directly or indirectly on both the productivity and profit of the organization's progress


We offer servers, computers, computer accessories and services by sourcing from local market to international dealers. Customers have all rights to ordered to call us for any kind of requirement of computers, computer parts and services whatever and whenever they need.

We Support & Supply, Delivery & Installation of:

• Data Centre, Structure Cabling Systems
• PC, Server & Storage
• Server & Switch Equipment maintenance
• Network Switch, Firewall, Wireless & Routers
• Laptops, Tablets, CPU, Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard
• Printers, Scanners, Photocopy Machines
• Projectors, Smart Boards
• UPS Powe Backup

Everything will be done based on the IT-IAR
Install the new ones for the faulty and replaceable items
Usual smart class room set-ups and installation also can be done as per the individual expectations
AI-Class set up will be established based on the origination size, location and requirements
We are also giving the continuous support for their further establishment and future enhancement of the IT infrastructure
Providing the support whenever the customer wants to have Service and maintenance works for all Hardware devices

AI-Class room setup
Use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) - Class

1. Vocal supports as instructors’ associates
2. Advanced facial identification for attendance roll marking
3. Emotional and movement monitoring for better classroom dynamics analysis
4. Automated data analytics and intellectual insight for complex solutions

Steps to build a VR classroom
Figure out if customer need a VR (Virtual Reality) – classroom

1. Virtual reality is especially helpful to connect different people from various locations.
2. Choose the virtual classroom type
I. Virtual realities with Headgear
II. Google Cardboard is a cheaper alternative that uses the mobile device as its platform.
III. Microsoft HoloLens is a great tool for large organizations to train the needy ones as well as conduct business easily

Virtual realities online

i. Kaon Interactive is a full package and based on a SaaS model. We can either use the headgear for full immersion, choose the glasses for augmented reality, or we can just use the online service.
ii. Georama makes it possible to see the traveling ones in real-time, and for them to interact with the present environment via virtual reality.

3. Train the team
Once got the software, hardware, and everything in between, it’s time to train the needy ones to use the new stuff. 


Based on the IT-IAR, we do finalize the network aids to buy and install on the required and needy places. We provide complete project management, right from architectural design, integration, system and interface development to migration backed by world-class methodologies, well-defined solution frameworks and extensive integration experience with well-known service providers. And give the continuous maintenance supports after the works completed.

We offer the following services:

• Buying, installing or replacing the Networking Equipment
• LAN and WAN set-up
• Set-up Campus Wi-fi
• Cyber Security, CCTV monitoring
• Repairing or solving the Network related issues
• We have a tie-up with the various internet service provider such as, BSNL, AIRTEL, VI and Reliance JIO
• Our Network equipment is adaptable with upgrade technologies
• We do support new technologies too (e.g.: JIO 5G and SIS)
• We are also registered with STARLINK for Satellite Internet Service from next year onwards

We offer the Solution Integration services to:

• Reduce risks
• Increase compatibility
• Maximize interoperability


We possess an extensive understanding and experience in the design of software, web and mobile applications.

• Our design & development services contain; ◦ High Reliability:

We use the latest software/hardware technologies and have a well-organized logistical structure that allows for efficient use of skills of our developers.

◦ High Support and Service:

We provide support and service; we will be able to offer our customers a 24-hours virtual support.

◦ Moderate Charges and Rapid project implementation:

We offer efficient solutions at highly competitive charges. We control our development costs and transfer the savings onto our clients. With our creative resources, we can form a large working group, personalize and implement your project in extremely short periods of time.

• Installation of software and web applications in systems. We have some of the products in hand and some of the ongoing projects.
• Design and Developing the Software, Web, and Mobile Applications. (E.g.: Tailor-made software’s such as SDMS (Student Data Management System), EDMS, VDMS, HBMS, HMS, etc.,)
• Installing the Licensed Soft wares (E.g.: OS (windows), MS Office, Anti-virus, or any application Software’s)
• Support for any updates and upgrades of software. We also do the customization of our software is depending upon the request of our client

Smart learning

Giving training for the ones who are needed to know from the basic level to advanced level of IT (Information Technology) Knowledge directly or via online. We have following two basic programs for them,

◦TKUP (Technical Knowledge Upliftment Program)

▪ For those who require a knowledge of basic information about how to operate and handle the Computers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Smart Board, Projectors, etc ▪ For those who need a skill about how to access the electronic gadgets and devices like tablets and smartphones etc
▪ For those who should know the necessary details about how to secure the personal emails, Social Media accounts, Bank Accounts, Bank Transfer Accounts, ATM pin, etc

◦ OCA (Online Courses for Aspirants)

▪ For the aspirants or students who wants to learn a fundamentals of IT related courses

As an individual, getting certified from OCA program:

• Enhances professional credibility
• Extends knowledge and skills, preparing the learners for more job responsibilities
• Serves as portable proof of ability
• Enriches self-image and reputation among peers
• Improves career opportunities-promotion, pay increases, job portability
• Encourages life-long learning and professional development
• Makes a differentiator against the competition.
• Gives confidence that the learners have "passed through the chairs."
• Will enable to make more money.
• Enables to better evaluate the talents and skills of others.
• Gets the foot in the door in the new area.

Cyber Forensics Information Security
Social Network Analysis Foundation Skills in Integrated Product Development
Human Computer Interaction Internet of Things (IoT)
Machine Learning Techniques Big Data Analytics
Software Testing Cloud Computing
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Engineering
Telehealth Technology) Herbal Technology
Intellectual Property Rights Robotics